Foreign Exchange
We are indeed proud to say that today Forex is one of our prime and core products. Niketha Group might be best known for this product and we are at par or even ahead of any exchange house in the nation in providing the best ROI, for our customers.
Customers who wish to buy or sell foreign currency bank notes or encash Travelers Cheques of major brands can approach any of our outlets and avail the same at the most competitive rates. We offer the following services through our branches:-
Foreign Currency Demand Draft (FCDD)
Send Money Abroad
Foreign Currencies, Travelers Cheques (TC)
International Debit Card
Features of International Debit Card:
The futuristic way to carry money worldwide
It can be used to make payments at over 14 million merchant outlets across 130 countries.
It works on VISA platform, thereby assuring for greater acceptance and ease of transaction.
International Debit Card
Features of Travelers Cheques:
More secure due to identity verification with signature while encashing.
Reimbursement in the event of loss and theft.
All major currency sale & purchase
Currency rates at real time basis
Available at all our branches across India
Send Money Abroad
SWIFT Transfer-A quick, highly efficient and cost effective channel that assures complete security and almost NO RISK of loss or theft compared to other common modes of fund remittance.
Remittance for 17 categories
Remittance can be done through SWIFT (TT) or FCDD
Fastest way to send money abroad
We also offer pilgrims, who have planned visits during the Hajj season to the Holy Land of Mecca, our Saudi Riyal drafts to conveniently meet their foreign currency requirements.

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